RJ Tolson:  Author of the Chaos Chronicles (Book 1: Zephyr the West Wind & The Success Initiative (Project: Limitless, Volume 1), CEO of RJTINC, Forever Trust Charity, RL Infinity International & Sages of Essence. 

Writer, Composer, Student, Athlete.

RJ Tolson, Author, CEO, Biography 2012

Today’s generation of aspiring young entrepreneurs are often looked down upon, almost as if they won’t be able to meet and surpass their predecessors to bring the world to a new stage of enlightenment like the previous generations before them. But that’s precisely what nineteen-year-old author-humanitarian-CEO-student R.J. Tolson proved could be done.

“I hear young people of all ages saying they never really thought they could make any of their dreams come true,” says Tolson as he stands in front of an audience of over 200 people, “But I’m here to tell you, where there is inspiration, there is a way. It is up to us to find our path, or paths, but once we do, we have to keep at it and try our best. Just never give up.”

R.J. is the CEO of RJTIO and divisions RJTINC, Forever Trust Charity and RL Infinity International, President of Sages of Essence and Living Writers, and the author of the Chaos Chronicles series. A recently debuted author, he is up and coming on the charts with his fiction novel "Zephyr the West Wind (Final Edition)" while currently working on the sequel "Hugh The Southern Flame" & Blood Red Love.

He has working knowledge in Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Korean, and Japanese aside from English. R.J. is currently in College in California, and graduated high school from boarding school Cheshire Academy. He prides himself in how he tries to take everyday as a learning experience while trying his best to grow from each and every aspect of his life and the events that occur around him. Great work ethic is something R.J. sees as essential in life and any work.

In the past, R.J. has modeled and acted (extra in XXX:State of the Union). He has played Soccer both on the Varsity High School level and club level (Premiere in CT & Academy in California). He also has had experience from at least Varsity level for Tennis, Track, Lacrosse, Fencing, Martial Arts & Mixed Martial Arts.

Charity has always had a place in R.J.'s life. Besides founding his own charity organization, Forever Trust, RJ has been participating in walks (for Cancers & AIDS), helped distribute food at homeless shelters and much more since 2009. Finding time to run a international charitable organization, R.J. heads Forever Trust as it expands across the globe to help aid those in need.

In regards to music, R.J. is a lyricist, composer and musician. He mainly composes classical jazz (smooth) and Hip/Hop music, and writes lyrics for all genres. His debut album is set to be released in late spring/early summer and will be comprised of house, acoustic, pop and hip/hop.

Writing is a prominent passion for R.J. Having published Zephyr the West Wind, a fiction novel over 600 pages and working on two new novels: The sequel “Hugh The Southern Flame” and a separate series Blood Red Love, R.J. is no novice. He also has great experience with technical writing, journalism, essays and reception related (secretarial) work. Also during his senior year in high school, R.J.'s senior speech themed "This I Believe" was published and archived by the organization.

Metaphysics is a subject that has always intrigued R.J. Having studied it for several years, RJ taught once a week at a college level course intro to metaphysics course while still a freshman in college.

Recently R.J. has appeared on TV, radio, and in the newspaper nationally. Currently on a book tour, Tolson promotes both his book, his love for literature and the beautiful art of writing while hoping to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to never give up on their dreams and find their inspiration to make the world a better place.


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