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Founder, CEO,
& Philanthropist
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Award Winning Author

RJ Tolson is the 21 year old Founder & CEO of Multi-Divisional Company RJTIO, and all of it's divisions: RJTINC (Web Design and Computer Technology), Forever Trust (Charitable Division), RL Infinity International (Business Growth and Innovative Solutions), and Burst Out (Social Network for Authors & Writers). 

RJ Tolson is the author of the award winning and internationally acclaimed fantasy series "The Chaos Chronicles", Book one: Zephyr the West Wind, published at age 18. He is also the author of self-improvement and business innovation book, Project: Limitless, Volume 1: The Success Initiative. Book 2 of the Chaos Chronicles, Hugh the Southern Flame is due for release fall 2014.

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RJ Tolson Celebrity Author & CEO Appearance LA Fashion Week
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Tolson is a Musician & Composer. His first album, the Original Soundtrack for Zephyr the West Wind, is due for release late summer of 2014. It is one of the first of its kind, an instrumental soundtrack inspired by the book itself. His debut House album, "Human", has been post-poned. 

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