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was a rapidly growing parent company with over 4 divisions that extend into over 14 countries worldwide. We were building powerful divisions through precision marketing, breakthrough innovation and compelling value with a foundation built on winning strategies and world class operations. RJ sold RJTIO in 2015, becoming it's chairman in 2016 as assets were sold.

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We’re ecstatic about the future. We were building a vibrant global business by focusing on three key business strategies:

  • Utilizing our divisions, RJTINC®, Forever Trust Charity, RL Infinity Int. (now EPIC), BurstOut® to provide for consumers and businesses in need of innovative solutions on a variety of fronts.

  • Driving focused and prepared expansion everywhere, especially in markets that are ripe with opportunities for innovative advancement like emerging markets.

  • Creating future industry-leading returns through cross field industrial expansion and disciplined use of capital.

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