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As an entrepreneur, R.J. Tolson has created, implemented, and overseen the development of numerous projects. Below are a few of them.


The Company

R.J. Tolson was the CEO and Founder of RJTIO.


RJTIO, based in Los Angeles, California, was a rapidly growing parent company with over 4 divisions that extended into over 14 countries worldwide. RJTIO and its divisions have been showcased on TV Networks like NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox.


The divisions - RJTINC®, Forever Trust Charity, RL Infinity Int. (now EPIC), and BurstOut® - were growing leaders within their fields.

National Literacy Campaign

At 19-years-old, Tolson launched a National Literacy Campaign. Traveling from New England to Florida and across the West, he urged middle and high schoolers to forge new paths and excel chiefly through the skills of reading and writing.


Shortly thereafter, this movement became the impetus for Tolson’s recently released nonfiction self-help book, "Project Limitless Volume I: The Success Initiative," and part and parcel of Tolson's The Success Initiative are the interconnectedness of success & innovation, motivation & improvement, consciousness & thought, philosophy, epistemology, entrepreneurship, business, money, investing and time & stress management.

Conquer the Collection

RJ Tolson Merchandise is now available. Tolson's first clothing collection, known as "Conquer", routinely changes. The "I Came, I Saw, I Conquered" tee can be purchased through District Lines.

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